Long Live the King


While the Delta Treaty put a formal end to the war between Morkaeth and Da-Yen over 800 years ago, it has been many generations since the border regions have known peace. Raids along the river and the roads threaten travellers great and small. In the cities of NebelStadt and Pan Findel, where the ongoing conflict comes to a head, insurrections (both informal and state-funded) have toppled governers and threatened trade. But a new wind is blowing. In a show of good faith, King Thom Bergsteiger of Da-Yen, and King Orion IV of Morkaeth have agreed to meet for negotiations.

All of Pan Findel has been abuzz for the last several weeks making preparations for the arrival of King Bergsteiger. His flotilla is to arrive by river this afternoon from Pan Da-Yen. The whole city is under an official holiday to celebrate the arrival, and the main streets between the dockyard and the governer’s mansion have been cordoned off for a parade to escort the king to his lodging house.

As the hour gets closer the citizens begin to make their way to the roadsides to get the best view of the pageantry as the king rides by on his pony.


KCMetroGnome KCMetroGnome

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