Long Live the King

Session 1
The Chase

As the parade of King Thom Bergsteiger passes by, a group of orcs and wolves storm out of the buildings behind the players’ characters. The joy of the occasion suddenly turns to chaos as citizens run every direction trying to escape the bloodshed. A few men-at-arms are lost, but the 4 knights and the remaining men-at-arms are able to quickly handle the attackers. However, in the interest of defending the obvious threat, the knights left the kings back unguarded.

One of the orcs, who is noteworthy in that he is wearing a blue cape, seems to be looking up at a rooftop across the street. Following his gaze, Brynn Seerert and Keyleth Silversgleaming see a cloaked figure draw a crossbow, salute the orc, and fire on the king. Brynn is able to tumble past the men-at-arms who try to stop her, and nudges the king just enough to keep the shot from striking a killing blow. As the king slumps forward over his pony, Keyleth rushes in to try to help him. She is not as nimble as Brynn, though, and the men-at-arms stop her before she reaches the king. They are deaf to her insistence that she can help heal the king.

When he sees the crossbow bolt find its mark, the caped orc cries out to the others that the mission is accomplished, and that they scatter and meet at the rondezvous. He turns and retreats down an alleyway. A knight who identifies himself as Lord Nathan asks the players to chase down the orc, gathering what information they can, and to ask for him at the Governer’s Mansion.

Keyleth is not interested in this plan, and pleads her case to Lord Nathan. He doesn’t seem interested in letting a stranger near the king for first aid. Lord Nathan allows Keyleth to make her case to one of the other knights, Lady Magaga. When Keyleth mentions her order, The Order of Shava, Lady Magaga quickly convinces Lord Nathan to allow her to pass. Keyleth is able to travel with the king for a short distance, during which she stops his bleeding, stabilizes his condition, and identifies that the bolt was not poisoned. When she receives the report that the King’s personal healer, Fain, has been alerted and is preparing the room for the king, Keyleth begs her leave and makes her way back to see if the others have been able to apprehend the orc. Lord Nathan, impressed, thanks her and tells her to find him at the Governer’s Mansion that evening and he will see to it that she is compensated.

In the meantime, the other players are pursuing the caped orc. Anticipating the orc’s escape route, [[:Mr. Gold]] made his way to a nearby rooftop where he begins the chase by jumping down onto the orc from above, striking him with his dagger and ripping off his cape. Since he does not know the other players or their motives, and since he has his own motives for catching the orc, Mr. Gold uses the cape as a decoy (placing it as a false lead on a road) and uses various other methods of slowing the other players in their chase for the orc.

Through a series of events, which include some mishaps such as Kale Ogg failing to lift an apple cart, and tripping over a group of children, and some more glorious and clever events, such as [[:brynn-seerert] leaping over flaming bales, Squirrelastra communing with local wildlife for information, and Kale Ogg redeeming himself by catching the love of his life before she is trampled to death by citizens fleeing the diseased orc, the players eventually catch up to the orc, trapping him in a dead-end alleyway.

Mr. Gold was the first to catch up to the orc. The two are already sparring when Brynn arrives moments later and charges in. Much to her surprise, this person she took to be her ally turns on her almost immediately as Mr. Gold shifts around behind Brynn to stab her in the back. Seeing this attack on his newfound love, Kale cries out in rage. He charges Mr. Gold, fiercely attacking and killing him. In a deft move, the orc pauses by Mr. Gold’s body, pouring a life-giving vial of healing potion into his mouth to revive him before moving on to attack Kale. Kale is ready to resume his attack on Mr. Gold when Mr. Gold whispers to him, quite convincingly, that he is not necessarily on the same side as the orc, but that he is simply needs to appear that way for a while to get some information he needs from this orc.


While the Delta Treaty put a formal end to the war between Morkaeth and Da-Yen over 800 years ago, it has been many generations since the border regions have known peace. Raids along the river and the roads threaten travellers great and small. In the cities of NebelStadt and Pan Findel, where the ongoing conflict comes to a head, insurrections (both informal and state-funded) have toppled governers and threatened trade. But a new wind is blowing. In a show of good faith, King Thom Bergsteiger of Da-Yen, and King Orion IV of Morkaeth have agreed to meet for negotiations.

All of Pan Findel has been abuzz for the last several weeks making preparations for the arrival of King Bergsteiger. His flotilla is to arrive by river this afternoon from Pan Da-Yen. The whole city is under an official holiday to celebrate the arrival, and the main streets between the dockyard and the governer’s mansion have been cordoned off for a parade to escort the king to his lodging house.

As the hour gets closer the citizens begin to make their way to the roadsides to get the best view of the pageantry as the king rides by on his pony.


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